Our program uses a play-based curriculum that allows for an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Due to our many years of experience working with young children, we have discovered that a diverse learning curriculum that combines multiple learning philosophies is best for children. We have chosen the best components of various acclaimed curriculum programs to supplement our own knowledge about what children need to be successful learners.

Some of these programs include, Handwriting Without Tears, to teach letters, letter formation, and early drawing skills, We Thinkers social skills curriculum, from Social Thinking, to build social-emotional skills, and Play Planning and other components of the acclaimed early childhood development curriculum, Tools of the Mind.

Our program combines several early learning concepts, which includes:

  • Letter formation and early drawing skills
  • Social and emotional skills such as perspective taking, problem-solving, self-regulation, and executive functioning
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Literacy skills that help develop writing, phonics skills, and pre-reading skills
  • Spanish and ASL language immersion

Children will be assessed three times per year using the Brigance Inventory of Early Development. Parent-teacher conferences will be held in November and March.