Based in Bethesda, Maryland, The Yellow House School is a licensed early childhood learning center that serves children ages 2-5.

Based on our belief that education should be inclusive, we provide a diverse learning environment that includes both typically developing children and those with special education needs. Our play-based curriculum, small class sizes of 11 or less, and home-based environment provide an intimate, safe environment for preschool learning!




Our Philosophy

At the Yellow House School, children will become critical thinkers and independent problem solvers in an inclusive community of learners. We strive to maintain an engaging, developmentally appropriate environment where children can grow and develop their gifts. We are firm believers in parental involvement. We strive to be partners with families and caregivers, as children learn all the time, not just when they are at school!

The Yellow House School also aims to be an inclusive program for children with disabilities. Because approximately 20% of the population has a disability, we aim to mirror that in our student population. This practice teaches children early on to interact with each other with compassion and understanding, regardless of their background.

Our Environment

Our school is a home-based facility in Bethesda, Maryland, consisting of an indoor classroom, outdoor classroom, and outdoor play area.  All of our spaces are designed to allow maximum independence, while children learn and play safely.

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